Registrations until 16.09.2022

Teilnehmer-9734-FCI-European-Open-Championship-2022– please note, this list will be actualised before the competition.

All participants and also the results of the EOC will be published on Caniva

Participant information:

The Dog Dancing European Open Championship is an international dog dancing competition officially recognized by the FCI. The championship is always hosted by a European country, but participants from outside Europe are welcome. It is organized using the current regulations for international FCI-DogDancing competitions and the related regulations and guidelines, except that the competition is OPEN to all dogs with or without pedigree. All national member organisations of the FCI or national organisations with close links to the FCI are invited to participate in this event. If a national kennel club does not send a team, it is possible for an independent national team or individual participants to register and participate in the event with the consent of their kennel club.

All participants must be citizens of the country they represent or have their main residence there. For all participating dogs, a workbook or license issued by the sending national member organization of the FCI or a national organization closely associated with the FCI must be presented.

The individual EO winners of the previous championship are automatically qualified without affecting the number assignment of their country. If their Kennel Club accepts them as an additional participant outside the assigned 4+1 places in their national team, their result will not be counted towards the team result in the competition.