The first EOC is done.
4 wonderful days have flown by and all I can say is thank you. ❤️
Thanks to the competitors for incredible performance, creative and thrilling choreographies. You made us laugh, cry and marvel, you took us into the diverse world of DogDancing.
Thanks to the volunteers who sacrificed their holidays, many evenings and nights to make this EOC possible.
Thanks to the judges who have traveled far and wide to judge the best of the best. You have done a fantastic job.
Thanks to my chief steward and the office manager, who prepared meticulously and kept everything running perfectly every day.
Thanks to the team leaders who ensured smooth communication and excellent connection between organizers and starters.
Thanks to the fans who passionately supported their idols. Your cheering has rewarded the starters for many hours of training.
Thanks to the fantastic Team Germany, it was great to be a part of it.
Thanks to my best friend Conni, who worked long before the tournament and on all competition days, even though she started herself. You all gave me a wonderful time that was worth every minute of work.
Carmen Schmid
Chairman of DogDancing in the VDH