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Just want to say thank you

The first EOC is done. 4 wonderful days have flown by and all I can say is thank you. Thanks to the competitors for incredible performance, creative and thrilling choreographies. You made us laugh, cry and marvel, you took us into the diverse world of DogDancing.Thanks to the volunteers who sacrificed their holidays, many evenings and…

Von carmenschmid 25. November 2022 Aus

Cora Czermak & Carmen Heritier- summary the EOC 2022

(Zur deutschen Version bitte runterscrollen)   We are grateful to Carmen Schmid, Cornelia Demling and Barbara Feldbauer and to all helpers for organizing the European Open Championship 2022 in Stuttgart!A big thank you to our fellow judges Kath Hardman, Kerstin Eklund, Mari Owsley and Simona Drabkova for working together and for all constructive conversations.To all competitors…

Von carmenschmid 25. November 2022 Aus